Fear is a temporary stop sign *

Fear is my biggest stop sign. Often times id be right in front of that door but my fear will stop me because on my way there’ll be a million voices totally shouting out why i shouldn’t and only one whisper explaining why i should. i was standing in the recording booth the other day and because of me being unsure as to how it would sound once it came out i completely froze. I realized its okay for it to sound funny and do it again til it worked but if you don’t try you will never know. Negative thoughts are like MiracleGrow for fear and self-doubt.

Later that night i thought about it and i realized fear has to do with uncertainty and not being able to be in control of something and the moment i let go of the fear i’ll be ready to take on anything. A positive mindset was all i needed and is the only thing that will eliminate the fear.

What i decided to do was this:

Try something new everyday even if it only takes a second.

be thankful / Grateful

Stay positive

Find the blessing in everything

” Success is not a destination. It’s a journey, and it’s important that we take each step feeling grounded and balanced ”


Whats fear again? hmmf i eat that for breakfast! Anything is possible!




Day 4 : Behind the scenes: Figuring out the new single

Today was one of those days where we just goofed around. One of those days you find yourself laughing ’til your belly hurts. Its impossible to be serious with these guys in studio. 

We started finishing the new single. At first i wasnt sure about the single but then it made sense why we chose the single. Choosing the single is an easy transition from the ballot “Space and Time” to the R&B vibe to ease the listeners into the diversity of the album.

Everyone always says practice makes perfect but perfect practice is what i learned today. Fair enough everyone says no one is perfect cool i got that but what if you practicing the wrong thing? Hence the reason its absolutely important to be open to change and open to opinion.

A 15 year old boy walked into studio today. I loved the drive and the ambition. Children are always so eager to learn and neutral to opinion. He’s such a talented little boy and so eager to just play something and sing for you.

Its indeed a crazy world!!




A lil deeper down in that beating thing

Shoot me i feel like being random and oh so emo today!

You know, Having a kid three months ago everyone questioned what would happen to my music career. I walked around and people always asked when are you due? what about your music? I clearly understood where all the questions came from because before my lil munchkin was born i was already a year out of studio and the album was on hold. But i spent time writting because growth is of utmost importance. The questions, the judgement didnt motivate me to work harder, the drive to be better and do better is what motivated me ..not only for me but for the most amazing, sweetest most adorably friendly little human being i spend all of my day with.

Does having a kid mean your life is over? I dont! okay it may be harder getting to studio but it doesnt mean you gotta stop. If anything its motivation to continue and work even harder. Once you set a goal for yourself then nothing should slow your roll.

I spent years shadowing, attending music schools internationally, worked with different producers struggling to speak their languages still stuck it through. My current producer explained to me how important your foundation needs to be. He made me realize that all of the foundation work ‘the dreaming’ has not gone to waste because with a solid foundation the only way to go is the top.

Nothing should ever stand in your way of your dreams. only you can mould your future. Having a kid is not the end of the world its the beginning of a new one an even better one, one with a lil tiny extra bright star that shines all the time. God has his way of working things out. #grace #blessings

Im asolutely excited to wrap up the recording of my album and then getting to plan the launch. WATCH THIS SPACE

Day Three .. Album hustle …Studio time

09.11.2013 >> I woke up this morning super amped but on the more exhausted side because of the lack of sleep. That little voice in my head kept telling me sleep Sumaiyah dont wake up you can always go to studio another day. LOL i call that lil voice THE VOICE OF DOOM. Exhaustion should never be the reason for not being where you need to be. A day in bed sounds appealing but getting that album done sounds even more promising.

We did vocal warm ups LOL i always find myself laughing right through it. I remember in Music school in Belgium My instructor always said “Sumaiyah ik hoor je niet kom op ik hoor je niet” Just to breathe and i absolutely hated it. But i was seriously no rebel i just wanted to get to the fun stuff i didnt really care for the technicalities. Standing in the recording booth today i realize the importance of breathing. When i listen to my stuff compared to last year it sounds a whole lot better. Growth is of utmost importance.

We managed to finish 3 songs. Each one is getting better than the other but thats because its my stuff and ofcourse il think its awesome because i know the hardwork, the repetition, the story and the extra added stuff that goes into it.

Quote of the day: An artist is not an artist without a great team behind them.

Day Two – A Crazy ‘hitwave’

Whenever its my time to get into studio I wake up extra early. I’m like someone that’s on drugs but hellooooo music is my drug call me high baby hahaha*

I absolutely love being in studio. Today getting out the pink file just brought that lil fire back inside me that I thought was lost for a second. Throughout my life I dreamed of singing, I dreamed of performing and I still dream of performing on a massive stage with millions of people in the auduence. That’s who I am ima dreamer.

We did vocal warm ups and my producer really whooped my ass thru music today. Made me do things a thousand times over but that’s because he wants it to sound amazing. ‘It sounds good but I know you can do it better’ – Brilynn.

I walked out there today even more motivated to do better. To be best I can be and continue to believe in myself because if I don’t who will

Singing Voice vs Talking Voice

Last night while talking to another fellow musician i was wondering how far we would go as musicians. Its evident that the music industry in America is on a rise, always discovering new artists and they blow up. My friend was caught between whether to sound South African or sound full on american. fair enough you have to stay true to who you are and where you come from. I truly get it and understand that but whats the point you trying to break into the international industry but you arent pronouncing your words properly.

I am absolutely proud to be South African but pronouncing my words is a big deal for me and making sure i dont sound raw. so my question is are you losing where you come from by sounding a little different to the way you speak?